Men’s Volleyball

By Chris Johns

It’s easy writing about the Dinos men’s volleyball team, just read.

On (insert date here) the Dinos played a two-game set against the (insert opponent here). Calgary came out with a great effort (insert day here) winning a thrilling (insert score here) match on the strength of Denis Zhukov’s (insert number of kills). (Insert teammate here) also had a great match with (insert number of kills).

The next night, the Dinos looked like a completely different bunch. Far from their previous heroics, Calgary looked slow and disjointed-a shadow of their former selves.

(Insert quote from Head Coach Greg Ryan about inconsistency), said Head Coach Greg Ryan. (Insert quote about having to pull their shit together).

(Insert quote from player about having to pull it together), said power hitter (insert name here). (Insert quote about getting ready for the playoffs).

For clarification, the Dinos played the University of Alberta twice, once on Fri., Jan. 25 and once on Sat., Jan. 26. They won 3–1 on Friday night but dropped a 3–0 decision on Saturday. Zhukov had 24 kills in the first match, and 14 in the other.

The Dinos are in good position thanks to their seven weekend splits this year. From the basement-dwelling University of British Columbia to the second-ranked Saskatchewan Huskies, they’ve done ’em all. Their record sits at 9–9 and a playoff berth is in their future. But for every time the Dinos upset an opponent, they’ve dropped two games they should have won. A weekend split against the now second-ranked visiting University of Winnipeg to close out the regular season would be a success.

The way things look, it just might go that way.