An essential element

How many times have you found yourself postponing essential things that need to be done? Whether it be a simple task or a major project, once is one time too many. It is always easier to procrastinate or defer the things that life requires us to do, but in doing so we gamble with the future.

All of us have encountered these words of wisdom before. One simply has to open up their latest set of electronically mailed messages to see at least one forwarded message vaguely reminiscent of this. Although these advanced messages are overly redundant and at times even irritating, they promote an important message that needs to be taken into consideration. As morbid as it may seem, tomorrow is not a guaranteed reality for anybody, regardless of whether you are a rising celebrity or a famished resident in a war-torn country. Tomorrow is never promised.

The intent of this message is not to evoke mass bouts of melancholic symptoms, it is to promote awareness. Being aware of this, what are you going to do? Are you even going to do anything at all?

Since I cannot speak for anybody other than myself, I can only disclose what I intend to do and hope others will be inspired to do the same. I refuse to hesitate in the face of the unique opportunities that life may present and I refuse to forego the chance to inform others who have influenced aspects of my life. All too often we hide our admiration for our peers, convincing ourselves that the next time will be the right time. What if there never is a "next time?"

Reflect upon this for a moment: What if that intriguing stranger across the room with the dazzling smile were to move away tomorrow? What if that professor who has helped you understand the most profound aspects of life were to suddenly transfer to an undisclosed location immediately following your last conversation?

For many, the comfortable lifestyle we are priveleged to lead, as opposed to those cursed with unbearable living conditions in third world countries, acts as a blinding factor to this reality. Even within the confines of our own city, society’s stratified nature allows certain individuals to be more aware of this reality than others. Although there are those who are in touch with the arbitrary ambiguities of life, most of society is not.

Unfortunately, even the simplest actions or expressions of gratitude may not always be accepted or even acknowledged–but there is no shame in seizing an opportunity while it is at your disposal. As many of you read this, you may be questioning my motives, even completely disregarding the message that I have chosen to highlight, but that is a factor that remains out of my control. Realizing that tomorrow is never guaranteed allows us to be accountable for our immediate realities, choices and opportunities. Life’s true rewards are granted when we choose to try, and as one of your most recently received e-mailed messages may have alerted you, these opportunities should be seized, as time waits for nobody.