Drunk people and broken stuff

Another semester finally ended and summer is upon us. For most, lectures, papers and exams are over, and it’s time to enter the real world. However, for the officers at Campus Security, it’s business as usual.

During this past semester, Campus Security has been continuously ready to deal with any issues that arise. One big issue was Den security, which improved considerably when the campus bar began using the "Secure Bar" system.

Each patron of the Den must now present their driver’s license, which is scanned upon entry. The tracking system records the names of all present and if a patron is banned from one bar in Calgary that uses this system, he is banned from all of them including the Den.

As for the biggest day on campus, Bermuda Shorts Day, no major incidents occurred.

"This BSD was the safest I have seen in the five years I have worked here," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz.

Wristbands, distributed to students and a guest, limited the number of non-students who could attend.

Only one ambulance was called to campus. for a fight in which one individual sustained a minor head injury that was treated by paramedics on the scene.

With this big day behind them, Campus Security is preparing itself for the g6b and the g8 summits which the University will host events for.

"Officers will be put on an on-call basis, called within an hour to an hour-and-a-half on short notice, and are offered extra or over-time shifts," said Fritz.

However, Fritz believes there is no need for concern and that the campus should not be a target for protestors.

"University allows for and encourages the freedom of thought on all view points," he said. "So appreciation for the role universities play in society is respected by all groups."

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