By Corinna Callsen

They eat and drink like no other nation. They consider themselves and their nation superior to any living creature. You got it–I’m talking about the French.

It’s still unbelievable, how no team was able to stop the French from winning the 1998 World Cup, but well, they did. In a plain and simple final against Brazil, Zinedine Zidane and his head left no doubt as to who should be the World Cup champion.

This time around, it is not yet decided who will have the ability to stop them on their run for the trophy, but they have been stopped before and it can happen again. They will have to be defeated with their own weapons. Tackle them with three-day-old baguettes! Throw cheese! Blind them with red wine!

But jokes aside, they will go to Japan with a talented team and an iron will to defend their titleā€¦ and there is a reasonably big chance that they will succeed. Vive la France!

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