Referenda: U-Pass

I like the U-Pass. I like that students can pay relatively little to ride the bus. I like that parking woes are decreased. However, and “no” campaign head Oliver Bladek is right to point this out, things need to change.

A straight $60 a semester may sound like a deal and Calgary Transit claims the steady increase in price will protect students from high increases in the future. But over the past two years there has been no indication from Calgary Transit they have students’ interests at heart.

With the opening of Dalhousie Station, buses to the university have been cancelled, lengthening trips for students and increasing frustration. There has been scant evidence Calgary Transit has improved service for students except for increasing C-Train service by one hour. They have also been resistant to students opting-out due to distance or lack of transit service.

Also, Calgary Transit seems opposed to discussing new ideas seriously. Bladek noted for every student who opts-out, a faculty or staff member could opt in. Innovative ideas, like this one, deserve consideration from both sides.

What is unclear is what happens if students vote down the U-Pass. Calgary Transit has eliminated the post-secondary pass since SAIT and Mount Royal College both have U-Passes.

Will students be forced to buy adult passes at $65?

While students may like having the U-Pass what is not clear is the support for change from transit. So vote no and send a message to Calgary Transit.

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