Good stuff

By Bridget Hewitt

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Just want to say what a great issue you put out on Oct. 21, 2004. The front page article about the cuts was excellent at presenting the situation without too much high emotion.

I have one point to raise though in connection with Heather Moulton’s article “1000 students cheated” from page 5. In covering the reasons for the lower enrolment at U of C this year, why did she not research what, to my mind, was probably the most important reason for the lower enrolment and that is the fact that the admission dates were messed around with in such a dire way. Our usual admission deadline of May 1 was (for reasons that I have never been able to find) brought back to March 1. It was then moved forward to April 1. I can only assume that by moving the deadline to March 1 not nearly enough prospective students for this year realised this radical date change, so applications were down. Because of downward trend, the powers that be then moved the deadline forward to April 1 but, unfortunately, this was still obviously too little too late. I feel that a huge part of the reason for our low enrolment can be laid squarely on the shoulders of those who messed up (to put it politely) by fooling with the admission deadlines.

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