Conservatives: A real forward party

By Laurent J. Morin

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Green Party doesn’t steal,” Dec. 9, 2004,

I’m not sure exactly who our disgruntled Green Party Candidates are trying to fool when claiming that “if you do the math, only 20.8 per cent of the eligible voting population in Alberta endorsed the Conservative government”. Although dis- appointed with the low voter-turnout myself, it should be obvious to anyone that lives in Alberta that Conservatives have always been the silent majority. We may not protest en masse in the streets, vandalize private property or smash bricks in the faces of police officers to get our point across–but given the 57 per cent endorsement of “right wing” parties (PC, Alliance, Alberta Seperation) the majority has spoken and endorsed either the status quo, or opt for a greater push towards the right. To say that “80 per cent of Albertans were silenced” is simply deluding yourself. Conservatives will continue to dominate Alberta politics be it with our “archaic political system” or the adoption proportional representation the Green Party endorses. So, you didn’t get your 2.5 seats your three per cent vote warranted? Is that unfair? Maybe. But you don’t have them. Thus, I think it’s time for members of the Green Party to pipe down and accept defeat. Remember–as an extremist fringe party, you speak for no one but your nature-loving, capitalism and civilization-hating selves. Higher education could use a funding boost, but some people believe that conservative values and the defense of our province ought to be issues too.

To conclude this letter, I would simply like to say that the only thing I half agree with was your closing statement. The Greens are neither right, nor left. They’re backwards. Vote Conservative. Oh wait, we already did. Cheers.

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