Spun: The Mark Inside

By James Koslowski

A fresh Canadian indie-rock band is catching the attention of critics and music lovers alike? Sounds like every other band being pushed onto you by a bored music industry. But The Mark Inside have spent the past few years developing their sound, forming a strong fan base in the Toronto area, and recording their debut album Static / Crash.

To locate their sound on the musical landscape, they have tracks like “Sweet Little Sister” with its discordant vocals and offbeat explosive guitar rifts resembling artists like The White Stripes; other tracks resemble groups like The Strokes who have blazoned a commercial niche for indie-rock. Though within this niche, The Mark Inside develop their own sound-jarring, volatile, rebellious and gritty. They infuse their sound with an infectious energy giving them a reputation of being a killer live act.

Proving their innate musical maturity by weaving rich songs like “Inside: These Apparent Things”, the bands knows when to begin with a reflexive pace before developing into a climactic euphoria of guitars and vocals.

Static / Crash is a great breakout album with strong consistent songwriting. The Mark Inside will soon be a notable musical name.

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