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Op-Fi Commission

By Carla Young

The Operations & Finance Commissioners’ role is to carry out the duties of the Vice-president Operations and Finance as well as handling clubs and conference funding.The candidates for the Op-Fi Commission are competing for four positions. The candidates are Jane Alkhouri, Mike Hardcastle, Fouad Jomaa, Matt Lauzon, and Kirstyn Nay. Jane Alkhouri, who hopes students… Continue reading Op-Fi Commission

Fuck you, Descartes

By Carla Young

We’ve come a long way, baby… in philosophy that is.As with many of the major academic disciplines, philosophy has until recently been dominated by men. Feminist philosophy aims combat this and to make its presence known.Last weekend, feminist philosophers gathered at the University of Calgary to discuss the effect of feminism on philosophy at the… Continue reading Fuck you, Descartes

Drinks o’ plenty

By Carla Young

To pub crawl or not to pub crawl, that is the question.The Students’ Union Alcohol Policy states that the consumption of alcohol cannot be the primary focus of SU club events on or off campus. It is difficult to get insurance to cover high-risk activities such as pub crawls and, last year, clubs had trouble… Continue reading Drinks o’ plenty

The rush is on

By Carla Young

Clubs, clubs everywhere… or rather chalk pictures, painted rocks and a car?This week is the annual Students’ Union Clubs Week where campus clubs can set up booths to entice students into joining their ranks. Creative options include chalking sidewalks, painting the rocks and if you’re an engineer, attaching cars to the Rock.There are over 140… Continue reading The rush is on

Swine flu hysteria is a big pain in the hiney

By Carla Heinrichs

Whoever thought to name the H1N1 virus “human swine influenza” goofed. It sounds like only human low-life scum are susceptible to the illness. Technically, it does save time to say “human swine” instead of “human and swine,” but not much. On the other hand, with a society full of 1337 literates, H1N1 can be easily… Continue reading Swine flu hysteria is a big pain in the hiney

Citizen sues Canadian government

By Carla Heinrichs

During the Thanksgiving season, many Canadians list the things they’re grateful for. Living in a democratic nation is often close to the top of these lists. Suaad Hagi Mohamud, on the other hand, displayed how very ungrateful she is by filing suit against the Canadian government instead of thanking them for granting her citizenship. Taxpayers… Continue reading Citizen sues Canadian government

Music Interview: The Best Brazilian Guitar Based Bach Since Uh…

By Matt Harris

Composers like Bach and Scarlatti may have died over 200 years ago, but their unique Baroque music lives on today. You may expect to find their work immortalized within a few albums recorded by some random orchestra in an east European village for the collections of eccentric music lovers. But their music also lives on… Continue reading Music Interview: The Best Brazilian Guitar Based Bach Since Uh…