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More transit fun

By Chris Harris

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Quit your bitching!” Nov. 27, 2003, Mr. Miller’s attempted justification of the U-Pass was the saddest yet in a sad line of ill-fated efforts. His suggestion that those who live too far from the city centre to benefit from public transportation should completely reorganize their lives and relocate near a C-Train… Continue reading More transit fun

Offseason adventures in Dinoland:

By Lawrence Bailey

Don’t let the eight-month school year fool you, being a student athlete is a year-round job. Just ask Dinos men’s basketball players John Riad, Chris Wright and Whit Hornsberger. The trio of hardcourt warriors set off for the University of Alberta Wed., June 19 along with former Dino Chris Harris for the Canadian national men’s… Continue reading Offseason adventures in Dinoland:

Doan’s swan song

By Scott Lepp

Perhaps Chris Harris of the men’s basketball team said it best. "Leighann is really special; she’s so much more than just a phenomenal player. She leads by example, she has the respect of everyone on her team and the entire city of Calgary." The numbers that Leighann Doan garnered over the course of her career… Continue reading Doan’s swan song

Janet Bang

By Kevin Rothbauer

Whether or not you’ve seen a women’s volleyball game this season, if you’ve walked through the Kinesiology building, you probably know Janet Bang. You may not know her by name, but her smiling visage adorns the information pillar in the Kinesiology courtyard. (Basketball’s Chris Harris is on the other side.) At last Thursday’s Night of… Continue reading Janet Bang

No Oscar this time Denzel

By Rob Scherf

Now that summer blockbuster season has passed, studios are bringing out their big guns for the upcoming Oscar monsoon. In the next few months, we’re going to see a new Tarantino flick, the conclusions of two of the most high-profile film trilogies in recent memory and what looks to be a halfway-decent samurai movie. It’s… Continue reading No Oscar this time Denzel

Memorable Dinos moments in Sport

By Kevin Rothbauer

It’s not all about winning national titles. At least, that’s what the Dinos athletic department is telling itself this year. Championships or not, there have been some memorable moments nonetheless.Most of the football team’s best(?) moments have come off the field, although making the playoffs and sending three players to the CFL are proud accomplishments.… Continue reading Memorable Dinos moments in Sport


By Esther E. Steeves

Items periodically go missing when people steal on campus. In January, 392 thefts occurred at U of C. Apparently the University of Alberta has a similar problem; on Sun., Feb. 23, the Dinos men’s basketball team was robbed of a victory.Last weekend the Dinos played their final playoff games of the year against the U… Continue reading Screwed!