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Consume you fools

By Chris Marriott

Friday Nov. 26 was Buy Nothing Day. I know this because there are numerous posters and banners around the University of Calgary proclaiming it so. On most of the posters is the catchy slogan "Consume less. Live more." Unfortunately, this slogan is a contradiction in terms. Consumption is the fundamental requirement of life. The basic… Continue reading Consume you fools

News in review

By Andrea Bundon

Low risk report for high-risk people      Is attending university a high-risk activity? Not according to the Risk Management Report released by the University of Calgary Risk Management Safety Services in September. The report outlines the success of the University’s RMSS Division, which is currently the only division of its kind in any North American academic… Continue reading News in review

Slave labour revolutionary, promotes growth

By Christopher K. Munroe

Editors, the Gauntlet, Thank God someone finally saw the glaring fault in the whole "Buy Nothing Day" premise other than me! Thank you, Mr. Marriott, for opening eyes out there on campus. As the traditional nation-state of government collapses and the market driven corpoarcy replaces it, via a socio-economic Darwinism, the citizen becomes the consumer.… Continue reading Slave labour revolutionary, promotes growth