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Walk this way

By Christine Cheung

You don’t know what you’re missing–until now. Artist Steve Mack encourages Calgarians to attend ArtWalk 2000 from September 15-30. "There is something about seeing the real thing in person," explains Steve Mack, whose work will be exhibited during ArtWalk Festival 2000 in the exhibition Undivided Highway. "The strength of visual art is the presence, but… Continue reading Walk this way

Bouncers walk the line

By Christine Cheung

Bouncers are a fickle bunch. They handle the troublemakers, keep minors out and manage the line-up. They decide whether your shoes are too casual, whether you look like your ugly driver’s license and whether you’re good-looking (and female) enough to skip the line-up. Like most people in the service industry, some are nice and some… Continue reading Bouncers walk the line

Rosza unveils new studio

By Christine Cheung

Thanks to a new recording studio in the Rozsa Centre, students can now record their awesome yodelling talent in stereo sound right here on campus.Although the studio, unveiled Monday, was originally a part of the plans for the Rozsa Centre, a lack of funding prevented the studio from being realized until recently. "It was built… Continue reading Rosza unveils new studio

Conference celebrates 70 years of personhood

By Christine Cheung

The Famous Five would have been impressed. Women and a few men of various ages and backgrounds came together last weekend for the Global Perspectives on Personhood: Rights and Responsibilities Conference, at the Rosza Centre 70 years after Canadian women were declared legal persons. Running from October 14-16, the conference featured prominent women speakers who… Continue reading Conference celebrates 70 years of personhood

Loses something in the translation

By Christine Cheung

In a recent interview, about her latest show An Act of Reverence, Shannon Mackinnon said, "Nobody’s going to learn about how you perceive the world unless you vocalize it." Unfortunately, Mackinnon’s message becomes lost along the way. Mackinnon’s pieces are only partially successful at conveying her intentions. Mackinnon explores aspects of the reclamation of self… Continue reading Loses something in the translation

Living on the edge

By Christine Cheung

They came tattooed, hemped, tank-topped, and pierced. And at Edgefest ’99, they found the rockaholic abuse they craved: abrasive ranting from bands, a thrashing mosh pit, and physical, and musical heat. This year’s Edgefest did not disappoint, but it didn’t surprise either. While it succeeded in satisfying the masses’ hunger, it failed to awe. The… Continue reading Living on the edge

Young Albertans earn Scholarships to international Colleges

By Christine Cheung

Six grade 11 Albertans will embark on two-year baccalaureate programs in September after receiving scholarships valued at up to $24,000 each from the Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund. The students, including Neasa Coll and Marc Verdiel from Calgary, will have a choice attending one of 10 United World Colleges around the world.“This baccalaureate program is an… Continue reading Young Albertans earn Scholarships to international Colleges

Academic appeals: “do”s and “don’t”s

By Christine Cheung

Don’t think you deserved that F last semester? Have you been requested to withdraw from a course? Unbeknownst to many people, you have the right to appeal. “There’s always an opportunity to appeal,” said Students’ Union Vice-president Academic Heather Clitheroe. “Whether or not an appeal is heard is determined by someone else, but these are… Continue reading Academic appeals: “do”s and “don’t”s

A new Slant in the battle against racism

By Roger Hollands

An emergent voice is speaking out against personal and systemic racism in an effort to promote cultural awareness in Calgary. Slant magazine, a collective, student-run initiative, is the newest addition to the struggle against ignorance. On Thu., Nov. 8, Slant celebrated the launch of their first issue at the Hop and Brew, featuring readings from… Continue reading A new Slant in the battle against racism