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Fake News: Calgary Cats causing commotion

By Chuck Balls

Local thespians, flamboyant homosexuals and furries alike finally have a reason to celebrate as the seminal off-Broadway production, Cats the Musical, returns to our fair city next week for a highly anticipated run on nine shows. Though the run is paltry compared to the 8,949 shows the musical staged in London, many Calgarians are eagerly… Continue reading Fake News: Calgary Cats causing commotion

Letter: Caring about not caring

By David Brownridge

Editor, the Gauntlet, Wow, great letter by Chuck Day [“Affordable housing blues and a call to abandon ship,” Chuck Day, Oct. 2, Gauntlet]. Finally somebody with “balls” and some political sense, two qualities rarely seen here on campus, especially together. The insults were only part of what it made it good, the other was its… Continue reading Letter: Caring about not caring

Protest, Canadian style

By Corky Thatcher

On July 22, Jean Chrétien made an announcement that excited, angered and scared many Calgarians. Next year’s Group of Eight conference–the scene of massive protests last month in Genoa–will be held in K-country. Is there anything to fear? How should we deal with security and protesters? Can we look to previous Canadian activist events to… Continue reading Protest, Canadian style