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By Craig Norman

So maybe not everyeone is a comic geek. A lot of people don’t understand the obssession and the enthusiasm surroudning the phenomena that are comics. They don’t get the pleasure of curling up to a Adventures of Supreman or the Uncanncy X-Men at night and drifting off to sleep with heroes and villains fighting their… Continue reading BLAM! POW! ZOWIE!

All your votes are belong to us are belong to us

Despite allegations of sleeping on the job, rampant gambling and mud-slinging, the Gauntlet stumbled drunkenly through another Tier II election. At the helm of the Academic Probation section next year will be Andrew "The Red" Ross, whose Viking army won a commanding victory over Kyle Siler. "I promise a year of pillaging, followed by raiding,… Continue reading All your votes are belong to us are belong to us

Protecting the stupid from themselves

By Ryan Pike

Since 1985, the Darwin Awards have been doled out based on criteria from author Wendy Northcutt. The awards seek to point out astonishing levels of stupidity that render individuals sterile or deceased when previously they were mature and capable of sound judgement. Two recent news items have produced two strong award contenders — although only… Continue reading Protecting the stupid from themselves