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SU Reviews: VP Academic Demetrios Nicolaides

By Natalie Sit

Academic issues are at the heart of this portfolio, which encompasses everything from scholarships to university programs. The VP Academic must lead members of the Students’ Academic Assembly in representing students at the General Faculties Council, and in developing policy regarding students’ academic lives. In addition, the VP Academic must ensure that students who seek… Continue reading SU Reviews: VP Academic Demetrios Nicolaides

VP Academic: Demetrios Nicolaides–Unqualified

If you’re acclaimed, I suppose you don’t need to try to impress. But it wouldn’t really hurt. Nicolaides has the experience necessary to competently maintain the VP academic position. However, his lack of ideas and longing to maintain the “good things” put into place by his predecessor makes him slightly unqualified. Perhaps if there was… Continue reading VP Academic: Demetrios Nicolaides–Unqualified

Academic advising

By Demetrios Nicolaides

Do you know what academic advising is? Do you know who academic advisors are and what they do? If not, don’t worry, because now is your chance to help resolve the situation. The university’s Academic Advising Coordinating Committee has commissioned a small sub-committee to develop principles on academic advising and outline the roles and responsibilities… Continue reading Academic advising

Academic Festivus

By Demetrios Nicolaides

Students often struggle to recognise that many services are available to them through the Students’ Union and the University of Calgary to ease the pains of academics. For example, did you know that Counselling offers academic and career workshops to help you learn how to prepare for tests and conquer test anxiety? If your essays… Continue reading Academic Festivus

Academic integrity

By Demetrios Nicolaides

In order to assist a small committee of faculty members, staff and Students’ Union representatives who are working on developing some resources on academic honesty, we need your feedback. The Academic Integrity Committee is seeking to define what ‘honesty’ means in the academic world and how relevant it is to you, your program and/or your… Continue reading Academic integrity

What the hell, another election?

By Demetrios Nicolaides

In case you haven’t noticed, there are about 18 different people running around campus putting up cheesy posters, talking about what’s best for you, and telling you how great they are. Ah, democracy, can’t get any better unless of course you’ve been acclaimed! But for those who have to endure the overrated democratic process, the… Continue reading What the hell, another election?

It’s all about the vote

By Demetrios Nicolaides

Every year in October, the Students’ Union opens its doors to the democratic process. The by-election is an annual occurrence, and is held to fill any positions left vacant after the General Election. Currently the SU is looking for representatives for the faculties of Law, Social Work, Fine Arts, Education, Medicine and Kinesiology, as well… Continue reading It’s all about the vote

Books for the needy a go

By Natalie Sit

The proposed bookstore loan program is one step closer to reality. Students’ Union Vice-President Academic Demetrios Nicolaides presented the selection criteria for the loan at the Mon., Aug. 11 Students’ Academic Assembly meeting. The loan is open to undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 2.6 and the main criteria is financial need which will… Continue reading Books for the needy a go

Would you like to take a survey?

By Natalie Sit

The Students’ Union may be phoning you to ask what you think a quality education is. An initiative from SU Vice-President Academic Demetrios Nicolaides will try to identify what a quality education is. The survey will be conducted by Claros Research. According to a resolution passed at the Tue., Aug. 12 Students’ Legislative Council meeting,… Continue reading Would you like to take a survey?