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Web Exclusive: Infidelity is not okay sometimes

By Ellen Lloyd

Re: Infidelity: It’s okay sometimes, from Sept 6, 2012 issue. I agree that monogamy is not for everyone — open and closed relationships are both acceptable. However, infidelity is not an acceptable solution to relationship dissatisfaction, nor does the arguably unrealistic expectation of monogamy excuse such behaviour. Infidelity compromises trust in a relationship, is inherently… Continue reading Web Exclusive: Infidelity is not okay sometimes

Club profile: Young Researchers at the University of Calgary

By Ellen Lloyd

A new club on campus — Young Researchers ­– is offering a way for undergraduate students to get involved in research. Co-presidents Nancy Kamar and Morgan Foret, both second-year students, said the club grew out of their mutual fascination with research. Kamar is studying health science and Foret is in biological science. “A lot of… Continue reading Club profile: Young Researchers at the University of Calgary

Freedom from frozen dinners

By Ellen Lloyd

Horrifically long line-ups at Tim Horton’s are a permanent fixture in MacEwan Hall. But even at 4:30 p.m., long past the usual lunch hour, the University of Calgary food court is appreciably busy. Students empty their wallets and fill their bellies with typical, if not particularly varied, fare from the many fast food joints. Second-year… Continue reading Freedom from frozen dinners

UC Idol returns, minus “She bangs, She bangs”

By Ellen Lloyd

Television viewers familiar with American Idol know that the gong-show auditions aired each season are good for a laugh, but not much else. Hordes of singing-sensation wannabes rattle off the same popular hit songs and examples of real talent are few and far between. But for UC Idol, a student-run spin-off of the popular TV… Continue reading UC Idol returns, minus “She bangs, She bangs”

Record meteorite find

By Meagen Meikeljohn

As technology increasingly allows us to explore the outer bounds of our universe, it is a magical occasion when a piece of the mystery falls through Earth’s atmosphere. The blazing Buzzard Coulee meteorite hurtled to Earth southeast of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on Nov. 20, 2008. Soon after, University of Calgary department of geoscience associate professor and… Continue reading Record meteorite find

Fake News: Calgary Cats causing commotion

By Chuck Balls

Local thespians, flamboyant homosexuals and furries alike finally have a reason to celebrate as the seminal off-Broadway production, Cats the Musical, returns to our fair city next week for a highly anticipated run on nine shows. Though the run is paltry compared to the 8,949 shows the musical staged in London, many Calgarians are eagerly… Continue reading Fake News: Calgary Cats causing commotion

Fresh meat

By Kevin Rothbauer

Coming off a rebuilding year that saw them host their first playoff game in ten years, the Dinos men’s basketball team is continuing to improve over the off-season. Head Coach Dan Vanhooren recently added top prospect Brendan Groat to his roster and landed local legend Wayne Thomas as an assistant coach. Groat, a 6’5″ 18-year-old… Continue reading Fresh meat