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SU Reviews: SU president Emily Wyatt, a.k.a the ringmaster

By Emily Senger

Wyatt provides direction to the SU clowns, but without the cooperation of the clowns and all the other behind-the-scenes circus performers, there would be no show.After two years of a Students’ Union with a largely external focus, SU president Emily Wyatt thought it was time to bring business back home and focus on the needs… Continue reading SU Reviews: SU president Emily Wyatt, a.k.a the ringmaster

Campus security report

By Emily Senger

From responding to theft to dealing with public porn viewers, campus security had a full plate this summer. Thirty-six officers under the leadership of campus security director Lanny Fritz responded to over 350 incidents between May and August. Fritz, a 16-year Campus Security veteran, said that although the summer brought few students, campus remained an… Continue reading Campus security report

Spun: Sarah Slean

By Emily Senger

Sarah Slean is a 34-year-old recording artist and a singer, songwriter, pianist and an occasional actress who recorded her first album, Universe, at the age of 19. You can feel her enthusiasm and commitment to what she does based on her lyrical themes that are clearly inspired by her studies in philosophy. All the songs… Continue reading Spun: Sarah Slean

Spun: Nickelback

By Emily Senger

Listening to a new Nickelback album for the first time is kind of like reuniting with an ex-lover: you don’t really want to get involved again, but you insert the CD just to remember what it feels like. If its cheap thrills you seek, Dark Horse is filled with sexual prowess, drenched in Chad Kroeger’s… Continue reading Spun: Nickelback

UWO paper under fire for satire issue

By Emily Senger

What was intended as a joke about feminism in the University of Western Ontario students’ newspaper has outraged students who said they are left feeling violated by an article that supports a rapist culture. The contentious article was a part of the Gazette’s annual spoof issue published for April Fool’s Day. The story describes an… Continue reading UWO paper under fire for satire issue

Editorial: Reduce, re-use and… ? And?!?

By Emily Senger

Calgarians like to think of themselves as progressive, innovative problem-solvers, but when it comes to health and environmental issues, Calgary often lags behind the rest of the country. Calgary was one of the last cities in Canada to make all bars and restaurants smoke-free this year, while bar patrons and employees have been breathing easy… Continue reading Editorial: Reduce, re-use and… ? And?!?

Letter: Putrified

By Natalie Carson

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “Poisoning by putrid perfume,” Emily Senger, March 28, 2007.] I appreciate you trying to get the word out about this issue. I have recently found myself victim to perfume. The one thing I have issue with is your suggestion of a “scent circle.” I understand that if people are going to… Continue reading Letter: Putrified