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VP Op-Fi – Greg Clayton

Greg Clayton would be a very good choice for VP Op-Fi, with practical managerial experience and education under his belt. As a current finance major, Clayton could easily enhance and implement many of the operational directions advanced by the Op-Fi portfolio this year. As a current Events Commissioner, Clayton has acquired experience with both the… Continue reading VP Op-Fi – Greg Clayton

Clayton wins Op-Fi

By Natalie Sit

Greg Clayton, a current Events Commissioner, will handle the Students’ Union finances as the newly elected Vice-President Operations and Finances. Clayton is “pumped” to begin his job and start making changes. “It was intense,” said Clayton, who won with 1,478 votes, just before he headed to the Den to celebrate. “I’m glad the independent majority… Continue reading Clayton wins Op-Fi

SU View not SU’s actual view

By Jen Smith

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Gauntlet unaccountable,” Mar. 17, 2005, I think that last week’s SU View, labeled “Gauntlet unaccountable,” by [SU Vice-President Opera-tions and Finance] Greg Clayton should be retracted. It might be fine as a personal letter by Greg to the editor, but the SU View is supposed to be, well, the SU’s view,… Continue reading SU View not SU’s actual view

Gauntlet unaccountable

By Greg Clayton

The SU View and its corresponding headline are products of the Students’ Union. It is printed without editorial revision and does not reflect the views of the Gauntlet Publications Society. As the Vice-President Op-erations and Finance for the Students’ Union I feel the nude picture published in the Gauntlet two weeks ago was not in… Continue reading Gauntlet unaccountable

VP Academic: discussing education

By Stephanie Shewchuk

The two candidates for the position of Students’ Union Vice-President Academic, Mohamed El-Rafih and Paige Forsyth, went head to head during the debate held on Mon., Feb. 7. The two candidates were allotted a short period to discuss their platforms and were then each asked a series of questions by moderator Greg Clayton, current SU… Continue reading VP Academic: discussing education

Plasma screens gone

By Dale Miller

The controversial plasma screens in MacEwan Student Centre have been taken down for maintenance after only three months. Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Greg Clayton doesn’t know why they need maintenance or when they’ll be back.Photo: Вen Li / the Gauntlet

NUTV not unneccessary

By Greg Clayton

Editor, the Gauntlet, While Patti Dawkins and other NUTVers seem shocked and dismayed that I would have the nerve to present suggestions on behalf of students to the NUTV Board, I suggest students should only be shocked and concerned if I did not become involved in setting the strategic direction and providing suggestions for NUTV.… Continue reading NUTV not unneccessary

Unfair Comments

By Patti Dawkins

Editor, the Gauntlet, I was shocked and dismayed to read Greg Clayton’s ill-informed letter to Kevin Allen. As a Full Frontal community volunteer for this past year I have enjoyed the exciting, creative, inclusive, challenging and enriching environment of NUTV. Mr. Clayton quotes the purpose of NUTV as defined by the Students’ Union Media Bylaws… Continue reading Unfair Comments