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A+ makes room at the top

By Ina Sidhu

“Would you want to go to a university that only gave ‘A’s?” asks University of Calgary Economics professor Curtis Eaton.Historically, grades given in any university were much lower than those now, according to Eaton who studies grade inflation. To him, the consequence is that grades convey less information than they used to.“[In the past,] 10-15… Continue reading A+ makes room at the top

New A+ grading system still needs work

By Ina Sidhu

A month into the school year, even before an A+ course grade has been handed out, a number of issues with the new system have been identified.Students’ Union Vice-President Rosie Nagra believes a significant issue is the consistency of the A+ grade use throughout the University of Calgary. “It is very difficult to explain what… Continue reading New A+ grading system still needs work

New guy in the library block

By Ina Sidhu

A university registrar is a very busy guy, and the University of Calgary has a new busy guy.Newly appointed registrar David Johnston’s duties are numerous. Not only must he deal with all the procedures and policies of registration, he must also address anything pertaining to academic records. His office ensures grades are submitted on time,… Continue reading New guy in the library block

Modernizing the franchise

By Ina Sidhu

It’s more than just a presidential acclamation that set this year’s Students’ Union general elections apart from others."We’ve gone completely online for voting," said Jordana Hennigan, the SU Chief Returning Officer. "We definitely feel positive."During the elections from March 13–15, students can access online ballots via the SU Web site (www.su.ucalgary.ca).Voters then click on the… Continue reading Modernizing the franchise

10,000 ways to give back

By Ina Sidhu

When paying an average $4,401.50 tuition for one year, what student will miss some extra change?Every year, one dollar from each student at the University of Calgary is donated to a worthy foundation; the Committee of 10,000."We are giving money to people who deserve it," explained U of C Student’s Union Vice-President External Oliver Bladek.… Continue reading 10,000 ways to give back

Reclaiming the ‘F’ word

By Michael Grondin

“Who Needs Feminism?” is a new initiative at the University of Calgary that works to break negative stereotypes surrounding feminism.
 Who Needs Feminism? was started at Duke University in North Carolina in 2012 to reclaim the word ‘feminism’ and proliferate its message of equality. The U of C Women’s Resource Centre started the campaign at… Continue reading Reclaiming the ‘F’ word