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What is Victoria’s Secret?

By Jackie Panera

Do you want to know what Victoria’s secret is? Women who have real lives cannot wear the so-called lingerie that the supermodels of the Victoria’s Secret 2002 fashion show parade in. If a woman’s occupation requires anything from a T-shirt to a pair of pants, she may have some issues wearing these seductive undergarments. If… Continue reading What is Victoria’s Secret?

The Human Genome

By Jackie Panera

What if some one monopolized the information that could save your life, or the life of someone you care about? What if somebody would only give you this life altering information if you paid a ransom fee around $1,300? Our mighty friends south of the border are already doing this. Utah based Myriad Genetics Inc.… Continue reading The Human Genome

Aguilera exploits only herself

By Greg Ellis

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: “Parting Shots,” Oct. 21, 2002. After reading Jackie Panera’s article on Christina Aguilera, I was left a little confused. Certainly I am used to reading criticism of America’s pop icons typically centred around their attire and behavior, but in this article, Jackie Panera drew conclusions that although were refreshingly original, were way… Continue reading Aguilera exploits only herself

Christina Aguilera supports Thai sex trade?

By Jackie Panera

Christina Aguilera’s latest video, Dirrty, certainly lives up to its name, but not just because she is prancing around scantily-clad in a boxing ring. This pop singer’s latest business stunt is beyond dirty; it’s despicable. She is trying to turn a profit by exploiting women and children who are victims in Thailand’s sex industry. In… Continue reading Christina Aguilera supports Thai sex trade?

Dayna Manning, Shades

By Jackie Panera

Dayna Manning’s CD, Shades, takes folk, pop and country elements, and incorportes very poetic and musically rich lyrics to the sounds of acoustic guitar and piano. This album is pleasant to listen to, but there aren’t any huge surprises. While I was listening I had to pay close attention when each song ended, because the… Continue reading Dayna Manning, Shades