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Bad stuff

By John Lawless

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: “Hope renewed,” Oct. 21, 2004, I agree with your editorialist on the value of periodic reflection, particularly in regards to public policy, but I strongly object to his assertion that “the only achievement the current [U.S.] government has made with its war [on terrorism] is drawing the ire of many Islamic third-world… Continue reading Bad stuff

Online Exclusive: Sled Island 2012 show reviews

By Laura Bardsley

Since its debut in 2007, Sled Island has captured the hearts of audiences across Canada. This captivation is the result of many distinct parts: the amazing venues, talented musicians and local art all play role in making the festival what it is. Yet the thing that rules most about Sled Island is its simplicity —… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Sled Island 2012 show reviews

Best in show – Music

By Amanda Hu

This year saw wide musical variability with its musical offerings from folky riffs to poppy licks. There were also a ton of new players on the scene, making some tight competition for established groups. 10. Lykke Li– Youth Novels Swedish cutie Lykke Li mixes delightful vocals with some familiar drum grooves– from producer and Peter… Continue reading Best in show – Music

A Rose-coloured catastrophe

By Ryan Pike

In recent years, most film biographies have followed a fairly tried-and-true formula: begin with a brief look at the subject’s childhood, then jump ahead to when their life got interesting, chronicling the subject’s rise, fall and death. The past several years have seen award-winning depictions of the lives of mathematician John Nash, business mogul Howard… Continue reading A Rose-coloured catastrophe

Folk Fest Journals: Tired at the folk fest, not tired of the folk fest

By Garth Paulson

Few things are as great as a folk festival. When you get to attend these folk festivals for free it just sweetens the already saccharine-laced deal. After a hectic week of trying to arrange our media passes for the Gauntlet after they were already supposed to be in. I showed up at Prince’s Island Park… Continue reading Folk Fest Journals: Tired at the folk fest, not tired of the folk fest

Minority Report Report

By Jeff Kubik

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit. On the run from the law while fighting to uncover the truth. Sound familiar? Don’t fear, this movie is about a brand new kind of fugitive.Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report is a complex assortment of various genres; it’s a sci-fi, action, whodunit that explores the ethical implications of sacrifices… Continue reading Minority Report Report

The General

By Darby Sawchuk

For a limited showing, The General, directed by John Boorman (Deliverance, Hope and Glory, Excalibur) will find its first Calgary audience. Filled with tensions atypical for a crime movie, The General skilfully manipulates the audience into acceptance, even reverence of the morally lax, but likeably defiant protagonist. The black-and-white film stars Brendan Gleeson (Mel Gibson’s… Continue reading The General