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Are company Stampede par-tays out of control?

By Kristine Gick

To booby-shoot, or not to booby-shoot? That is the question being posed by a group of Calgary researchers. The Sheldon Chumer Foundation for Ethics in Leadership set out to investigate the underlying issues behind rowdy corporate gatherings at Stampede time on Tue., Jun. 19. The discussion was based around whether or not this is becoming… Continue reading Are company Stampede par-tays out of control?

Liberals win Ralph’s riding

By Kristine Gick

Not long after King Ralph’s reign ended, his throne was reupholstered red. Alberta Liberal candidate Craig Cheffin was elected in the former premier’s riding of Calgary-Elbow as a result of the provincial by-election Tue., Jun. 12. A notoriously conservative riding–since its creation it’s only been held by a conservative–the switch is significant but not shocking.… Continue reading Liberals win Ralph’s riding