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Kyle Francis is teh suck

By Arthur Schmidt

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “Supporting the unborn could support the economy,” March 30, 2006] Kyle Francis, I am disappointed in you. Campus Pro-Life was not calling for criminalising abortion. You are blowing smoke.Here’s the abortion debate in a nutshell: If one doesn’t want a baby the baby’s life has no intrinsic value. If one wants the… Continue reading Kyle Francis is teh suck

Francis: tasteless as boiled cabbage

By Angie Moore

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “At A Glance: Bedouin Soundclash,” Kyle Francis, Aug. 3, 2006] We are quite surprised at the extremely negative review of Bedouin’s performance at the festival. Was Kyle francis even there? If so, perhaps he had too much sun or drink! It was excellent. The crowd sang and danced along with the music,… Continue reading Francis: tasteless as boiled cabbage

Spun: Various Artists

By Kyle Francis

Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International is an album as diverse, unpredictable and triumphant as the man it pays tribute to. At 76 tracks, Chimes of Freedom is a musical expedition spanning multiple genres and featuring a diverse group of artists. The lengthy roster includes industry heavyweights… Continue reading Spun: Various Artists

Spun: The Streets

By Kyle Francis

There is something about the Streets that just keeps people listening to the whole album. Granted, it clocks in well under an hour, but Everything is Borrowed is one of those disks that hooks a listener with a really fascinating mix of electronica and an intense rapper with a thick accent. It’s the weirdest thing… Continue reading Spun: The Streets

Newsflash: acclaimed ATP play still very good

By Ryan Pike

Two and a half years ago, Alberta Theatre Projects’ presentation of The Syringa Tree received a great deal of clamour and acclaim. At the time, Gauntlet reviewer Kyle Francis concluded the play was worthy of “every little bit of praise it gets,” singling out the performance of Meg Roe specifically. A great deal has changed… Continue reading Newsflash: acclaimed ATP play still very good

Spun: 50 Cent

By Kyle Francis

When most of us were young children, we learned bragging about something was wrong—that challenging the smarter kids in class to a game of trivia would be a bad idea. Apparently 50 Cent didn’t learn this lesson or he’s forgotten despite his numerous bullet wounds. On his latest album, 50 Cent challenged rapper Kanye West… Continue reading Spun: 50 Cent

The Falun Gong: A religion, a cult, or a business?

By Kyle Francis

While it might drop a couple heads toward the crawler on CNN, human rights abuse isn’t exactly a fresh news item. Since human beings have been smart enough to realize we could exploit each other, we have. With genocide and mass murders appearing as bullet points on Google news as often as Paris Hilton inadvertently… Continue reading The Falun Gong: A religion, a cult, or a business?

Indie Cred

By Kyle Francis

Each fall, people flock from around the country to experience Calgary’s world-class international film festival. Showcasing some of the best (and some of the worst) movies to ever screen in Calgary, the Calgary International Film Festival has emerged successful from the sludge of smaller-scale festivals, standing as one of the largest promoters of burgeoning talent… Continue reading Indie Cred

Blood and gore, but not the kind you’re used to

By Kyle Francis

“Violence and sex are integral to our human makeup,” says Greame Whifler, writer/director behind the Calgary Underground Film Festival darling, Neighborhood Watch. “They’re so imprinted that they’re almost hard to see. But if it’s done subtly, it’s very engaging, very disturbing and very compelling.” Whifler’s film tells the story of Bob and Wendi Petersen, a… Continue reading Blood and gore, but not the kind you’re used to