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Sex and the weightroom

By Max Klein

Bigger breasts for women, more endurance for men, more sex for both. Abraham Lincoln once said: "If I were given six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four sharpening the axe." Lincoln was saying preparation is the key to success and time spent on self-improvement is worth it. Benefits of… Continue reading Sex and the weightroom

Forget Creatine

By Max Klein

Are you among the majority of Canadian men and women who are not satisfied with the way you look? Do you want a slimmer, more shapely body? Do you strive for more muscle? Most of us, during the holiday season, gained weight and lost muscle. At the end of December we faced a new year,… Continue reading Forget Creatine

Federal election brings focus to students

By Peter Shyba

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff made headlines March 28 when he announced the proposed Canadian Learning Passport, a Liberal platform piece that promises $4,000-$6,000 to potential post-secondary students. This part of the Liberal platform has been widely publicized by Ignatieff in the lead-up to the May 2 election. The Liberal Party motto for this initiative, “if… Continue reading Federal election brings focus to students

Awards connect Calgary’s best bluesmen to Chicago

By Ken Clarke

For over 50 years, Chicago’s Maxwell Street has been famous for their Friday Night Blues and Fish Fry. Musicians from the Mississippi Delta would migrate to the area and electrify their sound, making Chicago world famous for the blues. On February 19, the Black History Month Foundation of Canada, in conjunction with the Black American… Continue reading Awards connect Calgary’s best bluesmen to Chicago

Editorial: Still not enough

By Chris Beauchamp

Despite a two-year wait, a bloated and troubled consultation process and countless promises, the recently delivered Alberta affordability framework for post-secondary education is an unsurprising dud. Back in February 2005, King Ralph himself promised that Alberta’s new affordability framework, including “the most innovative, entrepreneurial and affordable tuition policy in the country,” would be in place… Continue reading Editorial: Still not enough

SU View: Mark your calendar

By Jen Smith & Alex Vyskocil

December 8th–University of Calgary Board of Governors Tuition Decision Meeting The University of Calgary Board of Governors meet at 4:30 p.m. in the Blue Room of the Dining Centre. All students are encouraged to attend and to show their support against further tuition increases. Last February, Premier Ralph Klein told the province that a new… Continue reading SU View: Mark your calendar

Hancock drops the bomb… and it’s a dud

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Dear Mr. Hancock, That’s it? In the months leading up to the A Learning Alberta Forum in Edmonton you lead us to believe big things were on the way. All your political innuendo, public forums and especially the buzz generated by dropping the free tuition bomb lead us to believe this forum was the culmination… Continue reading Hancock drops the bomb… and it’s a dud

Double tuition increase

By Chris Beauchamp

University of Calgary students are likely facing a “double-bump” maximum tuition increase next year–to the tune of $62 more per half-course. Premier Ralph Klein announced in February the government would pay the bill for last year’s increase, promising a new tuition policy by September 2006.The government of Alberta’s current tuition fee policy caps student contributions… Continue reading Double tuition increase

Semester Review: the stories you should have read the first time

By Emily Senger

Students open their hearts and wallets for tsunami relief Clubs across campus united to raise money for the tsunami relief effort. Clubs such as the University of Calgary Red Cross Club, the Sri Lankan Buddhist Society, the Muslim Students’ Association, UNICEF and Human Concern International joined forces to raise money for overseas relief efforts. “We… Continue reading Semester Review: the stories you should have read the first time