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Western hypocrisy revealed

By Mukul Ahuja

Time and again, the hypocrisy of developed North American and Western European nations shows its true self. This is apparent in regards to the economic growth of developing nations. While most developing nations are prospering economically, they have done so at the expense of the environment, much to the dismay of the so-called West. What… Continue reading Western hypocrisy revealed

Two between the pipes

By Mukul Ahuja

Two players so alike in their personality and mannerisms, you would mistake them for each other of you didn’t know better. Tammie Wilson, last season’s Dinos women’s soccer goalie-extraordinaire, now moves up the field, making room for rookie blue-chip goalkeeper Taryn Swiatek, as two of the nicest girls on campus accompany the championship team into… Continue reading Two between the pipes

Now hiring: goaltender with skills

By Mukul Ahuja

The wonder women of last fall are back for another season, this time without their invisible airplane. The absence of veteran goalkeeper Rayna Bergerman and departure of Chrisy Nelson to the University of Idaho leaves the net in the hands of two yet-to-be-named rookies, making for an unpredictable season."We don’t have a goalkeeper as of… Continue reading Now hiring: goaltender with skills

Cricket in danger

By Joanna Farley

Riley Park has multiple uses. Kids splash in the wading pool, adults sunbathe and on Monday evenings and weekend afternoons, white-clad men flit across the pitch playing cricket. This activity may be in jeopardy."What was being proposed was a larger parks depot, but that’s a side issue," said Don Patrician of the Department of Programs… Continue reading Cricket in danger

The tip-off

By Kevin Rothbauer

Wilt Chamberlain, perhaps the man who made the sport of basketball what it is today, has passed on. Will he be remembered, though, more for his on-court or off-court exploits? Since the publication of his biography, in which he ridiculously claimed to have bedded 20,000 women, that’s all anyone has talked about , never mind… Continue reading The tip-off