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Letter: Putrified

By Natalie Carson

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “Poisoning by putrid perfume,” Emily Senger, March 28, 2007.] I appreciate you trying to get the word out about this issue. I have recently found myself victim to perfume. The one thing I have issue with is your suggestion of a “scent circle.” I understand that if people are going to… Continue reading Letter: Putrified

Miss meat 2005

By Emily Senger

Finally, a news headline Canadians can be proud of. In a country where recent events in headline news have either been an embarrassing combination of political bickering and infidelity or the overpriced visit of an outdated monarch, there is finally a ray of light for Canadian news. On Mon., May 31, Natalie Glebova, better known… Continue reading Miss meat 2005