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Calgary cold spell over

By Raquel Mann

A new, cold wave has exploded into the Western Canadian rock scene this winter, but don’t worry, there’s no danger of frostbite."Cold rock" is how Joshua’s Habit describe their music–an alternative current sound with edge and a lot of energy. Though only two months old, this passionate and determined local band is already carving its… Continue reading Calgary cold spell over

Clearing smokescreens

By Raquel Mann

University of Calgary students should breathe easier, according to the mission of a new committee.The Tobacco Reduction Task Force is working hard to revise university tobacco use policies and confront campus tobacco use issues. The committee budded in December 2001 in response to a growing concern from students and the general public to preserve air… Continue reading Clearing smokescreens

Clash of entrepreneurs

By Raquel Mann

They won’t be renting Mercedes’ and clubbing all over town, they’ll just do the business of good business.Three University of Calgary students will compete in the first annual Enterprize National Business Plan Competition hosted by the University of British Columbia from Feb. 8–10.Civil Engineering students Shamshir Jessa and Ally Dewji and Brett Bilon of the… Continue reading Clash of entrepreneurs

Manage this!

By Raquel Mann

There is quite the hustle and bustle on the second floor of the University of Calgary’s Scurfield Hall this week as enthusiastic and hardworking members of the Business Day Group make their final preparations for the Faculty of Management’s upcoming event of the year.In the early morning hours of Fri., Feb. 1, the faculty will… Continue reading Manage this!

The aftermath of horror

By Raquel Mann

For those who survived the horrific tragedy and unbearable torment of Yugoslavia’s recent conflict, there is a possibility for hope and rejuvenation. Fika Ibrahimefendic, Director of the Vive Zene Psychotherapy Centre in Tulza, Bosnia came to the University of Calgary on Fri., Sept. 28 to share her experiences in counselling traumatized Bosnian women. The presentation,… Continue reading The aftermath of horror

New Variations

By Raquel Mann

Garage-punk bad-asses, yeah! With all the mainstream soft punk floating around today, these four rowdy rockheads sure know how to refresh the headbanger’s soul. Just by looking at New Variations’ kinky cover, you can tell that The Exploders are all about sexy hard rock ‘n’ roll. The album busts out with vigorous lyrics, accompanied by… Continue reading New Variations

Re: " There was peace in the streets ," Nov.22, 2001,

Editor, the Gauntlet, I was intrigued by Raquel Mann’s article. While there was nothing particularly groundbreaking about a peaceful anti-war protest, the photograph touched my sensibilities in a manner I can hardly describe. The sign held up by protesters (or non-protesters since they were peaceful) read "Honk for Peace." Nothing seemed wrong with that at… Continue reading Re: " There was peace in the streets ," Nov.22, 2001,