Sex is safe again

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Students can sleep safely this week, the Students' Union's supply of free condoms has been replenished.

Students looking to get lucky last week with the aid of a free condom from the SU may have noticed an empty fish bowl and a sign asking students to donate money to the Campus Food Bank. Contrary to popular belief, this was not a cruel joke, the SU simply ran out of condoms.

"The fundraiser had nothing to do with the condoms," said SU Vice-President Events Richard Bergen.

The lack of condoms can be attributed to human error. The condoms are donated by Trojan's parent company, Church and Dwight.

"Church and Dwight sent us 2000 free condoms this summer," explained Bergen. "We got low and drafted another [request] letter, which was lost."

While SU members were fumbling with paperwork, volunteers at the Info Centre made an attempt to raise money for the Campus Food Bank.

Two thousand new condoms arrived courtesy of Church and Dwight Fri., Oct. 24.

Students need not worry about another condom shortage in the future. Bergen promises "this time we'll be on the ball."





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