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Tetrix 10

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Local art-electronica artists Tetrix have finally hit double digits with Tetrix 10, their 10th release since 2002’s Tetrix 1. It is stunning to look back and see that these musical adventurers have released at least one album annually. Like the lyrics on opening track “The First Green Leaf” every new Tetrix release is “Ringing in the new year / It’s heard / It’s told / Let it bring you!”

Not every Tetrix release has been perfect. Experimenting with the boundaries of electronic music and vocal manipulations, the band has gradually been testing their limits and refining their distinctive sound through album releases and powerful live shows. Here, they branch out further than ever before, with beautifully fuzzy ballads, Beastie Boys-esque rap and apocalyptic drones, making them more accessible than ever.

Packaging has always been a highlight with Tetrix releases. Tetrix 5 featured vintage Nintendo game box-art, complete with a fully functional pixelated fighting game starring members of the band. Tetrix 8’s disc rested in a green grassy sponge bed. Tetrix 10 boasts 4D art, and contains a 20-track retrospective compilation, which includes a 12-minute CJSW performance. The whole package looks and sounds like a grand statement containing a lifetime of musical ideas.





Tetrix: I hope the video isn't as spammy as your marketing there... edit: OMG. These are words also. How creative. This is a snarky remark about the overuse of blurrycam, filters and speaking. words. like. William. Shatner. We applaud him. because. it's. ironic. for him. to speak a. song. When you do it for no good reason, that's just lame.

@Anon.: You should\'ve seen their production quality four years ago; this is a marked improvement...

I\'m sorry you\'ve paid attention to Tetrix for four years, let alone remember what they sound like after all this time.