U of C allows alumni to keep student e-mail account

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Starting later this year, the University of Calgary will offer future alumni the option to retain their e-mails after graduation.

"This is a way that the university can help alumni stay connected to the school and to each other," said Alumni Relations senior communications manager Matthew Fox.

Future alumni will have the option to access their e-mail for as long as they see fit.

The Information Technology department and the Alumni Association will provide the webmail service which can be accessed remotely.

"There aren't any huge costs associated with this," said Fox. "The service will be free to university alumni."

After the university surveyed past graduates it was found that more then half of the graduates wanted an e-mail program that would let them keep their mail addresses for life, said Fox.

"This is something that past graduates have wanted," he said. "A way that the university can help them stay connected to the school and to each other."

In the future, keeping university e-mail addresses will make reconnecting with old friends easy and enable graduates to stay connected to their university. The U of C alumni team facilitates connections between the alumni and university.

The Email for Life program, which is still in development, will be available before the end of 2009.

"We see this as a benefit to keep younger alumni engaged in their university," said Fox. "We're happy to do anything we can to help retain those connections."





\"The service will be free to university alumni.\"

This is, of course, bullshit.

Quoting Alumni Services just a year and a half later:

\"Based on your feedback, we are pleased to offer a program to retain your Webmail.

For only $60 you can keep your Webmail account active for one year.\"


Thanks, UofC! Good thing I\'ve long since transitioned all of my email to webmail services that don\'t take two minutes to load and don\'t cap your storage capacity at 1/7th that of a single CD-ROM disc.

I really don\'t care that much, but my inner techie is frustrated by the half-assedness of this n00bery. Either provide services to your students that actually work, or outsource them to somebody who *can*.