Spun: Delhi 2 Dublin

Turn up the Stereo

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During a time when musicians are taking too many self-indulgent liberties, Delhi 2 Dublin gives their listeners what they want with their latest LP. The Vancouver-based, multi-ethnic world fusion band has consistently produced a stellar album every year since 2008. Turn up the Stereo further refines the band’s unique sound — a mashup of Bhangra beats, Celtic soul and electronic attitude. The five person ensemble integrates tabla, fiddle, dhol and electric sitar in a way only Delhi 2 Dublin can. The raw edge of traditional instruments complements the clean edge of electronic pulse that keeps the party thumping. 

The overall feel of the album is uplifting. One can’t stay depressed for too long while listening to the lilting of a fiddle dancing on the grid of a heart-pumping tabla. Positive vibes spark off each tune like firecrackers, while the lyrics add a subtle layer of significance. 

Every song on this album is a statement. Woven almost cryptically into the backdrop of each song, D2D tackles international politics, spiritual awakening and morality with masterful diplomacy. The song “Revolution” talks about war and the need to recognize the role individuals play in it. It says, “Dropping bombs on my neighbours and their nations, it’s all gone wrong and we need a solution where we win. A time of questioning and causing a commotion, but change will come when we see the illusion is within.”

Another notable track is “Turn up the Stereo,” a soca-influenced, participatory anthem that will have you on your feet and off the ground. “Lighta” blends softer melodies, heavy bass and string with the silver lining of a hopeful message, encouraging listeners to “face the world like a lighta.”

If you’re looking to enrich your music collection with high-quality Canadian content that defies genres, Turn up the Stereo would make an excellent addition.