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GSA food drive hopes to ease holiday crunch

By Katy Anderson

Hungry? With tuition costs still rising many students need help, especially during the holidays.The Graduate Students’ Association is on the case with their annual food drive. On Thu., Dec. 15 GSA will be hosting a free Mac and Cheese lunch in ICT from noon to 1 p.m. to gather food and toiletry items.“This is important… Continue reading GSA food drive hopes to ease holiday crunch

OpenFile offers community news

By Sarelle Azuelos

Community newsletters are a rather limited source of news, but for many Calgarians, that was once the only place to find information about local affairs. The recent launch of Calgary’s OpenFile chapter, a new type of online reporting service, might just change all that. “OpenFile is an open, collaborative news site,” explained Calgary editor Katy… Continue reading OpenFile offers community news

Doom! DOOOOOM! New Gauntlet editors elected

By Jon Roe

Well, we’re fucked. The Gauntlet elections took place Wednesday and, as most people expected, the results were disastrous. “I’m happy to be accepting this position,” said newly elected Editor-in-Chief Cam Cotton-O’Brien, sounds of horse hooves and “Flight of the Valkyries” echoing outside. “I think I can probably do a good job.” Lighting crashed and the… Continue reading Doom! DOOOOOM! New Gauntlet editors elected

Mind Fights: How should we govern ourselves

By Jon Roe

Proportional RepresentationIn 1987, a New Brunswick government won 100 per cent of the legislature’s seats with just 57 per cent of the vote. This gross misrepresentation was allowed to happen under the first-past-the-post voting system, where the party that wins the most votes captures a riding completely. Consequently, votes that are not cast for the… Continue reading Mind Fights: How should we govern ourselves

The future looks grim

By Chris Tait

The dust has settled, the plants can see the light again, though they’re scarcely better off for it. Certainty has died, leaving only the disquiet of the future. Despite the constant criticism of being a damn dirty economist, current features editor Jon Roe Sports Editor has pulled himself up by his bootstraps to overthrow the… Continue reading The future looks grim

Kudos and Quotas

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “Where are the FeMLAs?” Editorial, Sep. 19] I was heartened to see an article about why women do not readily run for public office. It was especially timely because there is no indication women’s representation is going to reach parity any time soon. It may be the case, in fact, that… Continue reading Kudos and Quotas

New Gauntlet editors poised to take the reins

By Chris Beauchamp

In a stunning turn of events that bodes ill for all involved, the University of Calgary independent student newspaper elected to replace their two top editors with inexperienced candidates this week. Current photo editor Chris Tait will replace outgoing–and outstanding–editor-in-chief Chris Beauchamp at the helm of the U of C Gauntlet, while news assistant Katy… Continue reading New Gauntlet editors poised to take the reins

The many faces of Feminism

By compiled by Susan Anderson

Welcome to the Gauntlet’s two-part feature on gender issues. Below are articles written by a variety of people responding to the question, “What are your views on feminism?” 
 Elizabeth Scott, first-year English: Feminist thinking and behaviour has become so prevalent in the past few decades that it is impossible to ignore. There are increasingly… Continue reading The many faces of Feminism

Let’s be brief: Dinos invade Serbia for Universiade

By Jon Roe

Eleven University of Calgary Dinos swim team members are heading to Serbia to compete in the 2009 Summer Universiade. The event, which takes place in Belgrade from July 1 to July 12, is a competition for university athletes from around the world. Dinos will make up over a quarter of the Canadian swim team and… Continue reading Let’s be brief: Dinos invade Serbia for Universiade