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Science A construction causes disruption

By Susan Anderson

Students travelling between MacHall and Science Theatres are no longer able to cut through Science A. The building is now under construction — an inconvenience when it is -30. “Often with construction, there’s a little bit of short-term pain now, but I think it’s going to be some really long-term gain,” said Students’ Union president… Continue reading Science A construction causes disruption

Sled Island Comedy Showcase review

By Andy Williams

Sled Island festival’s biggest attraction is undoubtedly its music. Though the festival has waded into other artistic territories and media over the course of its five-year run, the music remains the nucleus. With that in mind, I weighed my decision about attending this year’s comedy showcase heavily. It landed smack-dab in the middle of Friday… Continue reading Sled Island Comedy Showcase review

Speed fractures no more

By Jon Roe

In a sport where you’re racing five other people around a hockey rink at speeds in excess of 40 kilometres per hour, you better hope that if you fall, whatever is stopping you is soft and forgiving. This hasn’t always been the case in short track speed skating, but a University of Calgary researcher is… Continue reading Speed fractures no more