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Get an A+

By Вen Li

A year after it was approved by the General Faculties Council, the new A+ grade made its first appearance on course outlines this week."The A+ grade is part of a province-wide initiative to have a common grading scale amongst post-secondary institutions," said University of Calgary Registrar David Johnston. "I know that the University of Alberta… Continue reading Get an A+

Comissioner Preston still in trouble

By Вen Li

Almost two months after Students’ Union Academic Commissioner Gavin Preston commented about commissioner remuneration, he will face a hearing on charges of breaking SU bylaws. Scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday September 10 in Council Chambers, the hearing may determine if Preston is responsible and impose sanctions, or refer the matter to a Review Board.At issue… Continue reading Comissioner Preston still in trouble

Direct Entry coming soon

By James Keller

Students entering the University of Calgary this fall faced another tough decision when they applied: what faculty to apply for?Under Direct Entry, beginning this September, first-year students must choose a faculty when they apply. In previous years, most programs–except Fine Arts, Engineering, Nursing and Kinesiology–required students to spend at least one year in the faculty… Continue reading Direct Entry coming soon

Be nice at the Info Commons

By Nicole Kobie

Ever get frustrated in the Information Commons by messy eaters, loud talkers and ringing cell phones? If so, a new Students’ Code of Conduct is being created just for you. The code was designed by Students’ Academic Assembly and the Library, in response to many complaints at the Information Commons main desk.According to Head of… Continue reading Be nice at the Info Commons

Food Services scales back

By Вen Li

Students and staff will lose two food vending establishments due to under use. The Garden Bistro in the Administration Building and the Oak Room in Scurfield Hall will be converted into academic space this fall."We had too many operations providing service to people in those geographical regions," said Food Services General Manager George Thomson. "There… Continue reading Food Services scales back

New awards unveiled

By Toby White

The number of scholarships and bursaries available to U of C students has increased thanks to nine new awards approved at General Faculties Council on June 6, 2002. Karen Armstrong of the Financial Aid office explained that the awards will make the costs of education for nine more students easier to handle."These awards will improve… Continue reading New awards unveiled

Geology gets a boost

By Вen Li

Several dozen academics, geoscience professionals and CEOs of Calgary-based petroleum companies celebrated the opening of a new training facility at the University of Calgary last week. The Geoscience Professional Development Centre incorporates the existing Tom Oliver Core Laboratory, the Gallagher Library of Geology and a new teaching lab equipped with industry-scale software and data to… Continue reading Geology gets a boost

SU Election Forums

By Joanna Farley

Though the Vice-President Academic is one of the least frivolous positions in the Students’ Union, the candidates’ forum was an exercise in the bizarre.On Thu., March 7, three VP candidates and one of the four acclaimed commissioners showed up to be grilled on their qualifications for the job. Gavin Preston, acclaimed commissioner, took the hot… Continue reading SU Election Forums

SU General Election results

Unofficial Election ResultsWinners: Nagra, Eneyedy, Vuckovic, Porco, Blaschuk, NUTV, CJSW, U-Pass VP Academic Nagra, Rosie1591 Semeniuk, Darby1479 Skitch, Dan826   VP Events Eneyedy, Irene1972 Overmann, Robert219 Schoenberg, Geoffrey275 Scheutt, Robbie499 Thorner, Ian1041   VP External Lee, J. H.526 Price, Geoff1704 Vuckovic, Nick1748   Senate Bladek, Oliver2174 Dalidowicz, Matt1528 Ho, Oliver2477   Board of Governors Porco,… Continue reading SU General Election results

Understanding Mr. October

By Jimmy Buffett

"What is it about baseball?"She pulled the quilt to her chin and nestled beside me on the couch. The dishes had been cleared and a candle flickered steadily atop the table behind us. A dull immediate radiance emitted from her soft features, carved strategically for slow seduction. This was supposed to be a special night.Every… Continue reading Understanding Mr. October