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Framing the mid-term elections

By Chris Morrison

During the 1996 United States presidential election, Republican nominee Bob Dole tried to make President Clinton’s ethical problems the issue (and this was before the whole Monica Lewinsky story became known). But the American people voted en masse for Clinton. Why? Well, they did not care about Whitewater or Paula Jones. They cared about money.… Continue reading Framing the mid-term elections

2002 Calgary Folk Music Festival

By Chris Morrison

I have my wristband, my pen, my notepad, and my hat. I’m cursing myself for forgetting sun block, which is unforgivable for a pasty white boy like me. Otherwise, I’m ready for the 2002 Calgary Folk Music Festival.Thursday night’s openers, the Brothers Cosmoline from Toronto, sound like Bob Wills or early Lyle Lovett. They came… Continue reading 2002 Calgary Folk Music Festival

Cricket in danger

By Joanna Farley

Riley Park has multiple uses. Kids splash in the wading pool, adults sunbathe and on Monday evenings and weekend afternoons, white-clad men flit across the pitch playing cricket. This activity may be in jeopardy."What was being proposed was a larger parks depot, but that’s a side issue," said Don Patrician of the Department of Programs… Continue reading Cricket in danger

Candidates square off on education issues

By Ruth Davenport

Although the Students’ Union presidential candidates look like eight intelligent and qualified individuals, some students are having a hard time choosing one over the others. "Why should I vote for any of you people?" demanded fifth-year student Adam Pye at the candidate’s forum on Wed., March 7. Pye went on to qualify each candidate in… Continue reading Candidates square off on education issues

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Dinos go down to UBC

By Kris Kotarski

For a bunch of likeable, fun-loving guys it was unusual to see them shutout for a whole weekend. For the boys it all started with a Thunderbird defence that was more determined than a Catholic school girl who had just gotten a sermon from the pope. Calgary went into last weekend’s Canada West championships at… Continue reading Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Dinos go down to UBC

Fire, earth, water, …dance

By Kathy Schaerer

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is literally on fire with their latest production, Evanescence. There’s nothing to worry about though, it’s all been approved by the fire marshal. Monsoons in Costa Rica inspired Vicki Adams Willis, the founder of DJD, to base this latest venture around the original elements–earth, wind, fire, water — and Yogic philosophy’s fifth… Continue reading Fire, earth, water, …dance