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Non-academic transcripts soon

By Salima Bhanji

For many, the only transcripts we are familiar with are ones with 2.0s plastered all over them. With the introduction of co-curricular transcripts in Fall 2005, the University of Calgary is leading Canadian universities by acknowledging post-secondary education is a holistic process taking place both inside and outside the classroom. "The co-curricular transcript is an… Continue reading Non-academic transcripts soon

Ethics board canned and replaced

By Thomas Carrozzier

June 5, 2003 the General Faculties Council decided to dissolve the Research Ethics Policy Committee upon recommendation of the Steering Committee and the REPC. Created in September 1999 to ensure research at the University of Calgary complied with Tri-Council Policy Statement, the REPC seemed to have outlived its usefulness. Aside from acting as an appeal… Continue reading Ethics board canned and replaced

Prickly seats

Mark Counsell is back on the Students’ Legislative Council. The former Operations and Finance Commissioner spent the 2002-2003 academic year away from politics and failed to regain his post in this February’s election. Counsell replaces acclaimed Academic Commissioner Marie-Claire Backhaus who resigned in May. After Counsell was sworn in at the Tue., June 3 SLC… Continue reading Prickly seats

SU Election losers

By Вen Li

Sadness and disappointment filled the Gildenstern room among scant cries of merriment on Fri., Feb. 14 as election losers made way for jubilant victors. Thirteen candidates tried for executive positions, five did not lose.PresidentCurrent SU VP Academic Jayna Gilchrist garnered 1,383 votes, handily defeating nearest competitors Kyle Gould who received 563 votes, and Mohamed El-Rafih… Continue reading SU Election losers

Our Picks for SU Elections 2003

In the spirit of transparency and fairness, we have included our own personal ballots, breaking down which candidates each committee member supports and putting a name and a face to those choices. For the acclaimed race, we ran a yes/no option. Our Picks James Keller Kris Kotarski Вen Li Natalie Sit Chad Saunders &nbsp President… Continue reading Our Picks for SU Elections 2003

New election bylaws passed

By Natalie Sit

In response to past election problems, Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston brought proposed election bylaws for first reading to Students’ Legislative Council Tue., Dec. 2. Preston explained each time there is a problem with elections, the SU has only “patched it up with small amendments.” “It was reworked and rewritten to be… Continue reading New election bylaws passed

Election results


SU General Elections 2003 ResultsPresidentEl-Rafih, Mohamed- 550Gilchrist, Jayna- 1383Gould, Kyle- 563Blatch, Christopher D.- 394 VP Academic Nicolaides, Demetrios- (Acclaimed) VP External Batiuk, Lauren- 1841 Doig, Kari E.- 875 VP Events Bailey, Lawrence- 1038 Bergen, Richard “Krafty”- 1113 Patel, Anant- 720 VP Op-Fi Kotwell, Tanya- 927 Pearce, Brett J.- 807 Preston, Gavin C.- 1064 Academic Commission… Continue reading Election results