Arts Internationalization Committee formed

New committee aims to diversify arts faculty

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The newly formed Arts Internationalization Committee held its first meeting a month ago. The committee aims to internationalize the faculty of arts and provide resources for students and professors to go abroad. The committee has faculty and student representatives to help both students and professors with international affairs and opportunities.

“The Arts Internationalization Committee is basically a way to advance internationalization in the faculty of arts. Basically the reason it exists is to document existing international activities happening within the faculty, and to identify and promote other international opportunities there are for students as well as professors,” said faculty of arts representative Zainab Malik.

The committee consists of seven representatives from the faculty of arts. Vice-dean of arts Florentine Strzelczyk also sits on the committee, along with a Students’ Union arts representative, a graduate student and a staff representative. Faculty of arts dean Richard Sigurdson will appoint all representatives.

“It’s really important for University of Calgary to be international. Especially with our goals being with Eyes High, we should definitely make sure our faculties are in line with that,” Malik said. “With the faculty of arts, there are such diverse job opportunities in the future.”

The committee aims to help students and professors on campus, as well as students from abroad. It will also focus on making the transition process as comfortable, easy and exciting as possible, for both students on campus and abroad.

“Some of the goals involve more international students to join the arts faculty and definitely show a more international side to the arts faculty right now. I know we have large international population at our university which is wonderful,” incoming SU arts representative Sarah Amiry said. “We have the Centre for International Students and Study Abroad as that involves international students and makes them feel comfortable and welcome at the University of Calgary. Many of the goals involve collaborating with CISSA and many of the other services on campus. We want to make the internationalization process as connected as possible to the rest of the university.”

The committee aims to not only expand the faculty of arts, but also the university as a whole. Amiry said ACI wants to create a more diverse community, resulting in a more culturally inclusive university experience.

“I think that the international aspect of the university is so imperative for the growth not just of the university but also the student body,” Amiry said. “I think that with the incoming students from abroad, it will definitely make a huge impact on students.”