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Bounty Killer, The Mystery and The Art of War


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Bounty Killer put out two CDs at the same time.

I really wish he didn't do that.

The following applies to every track on both CDs except the intro to The Art of War and track five on The Mystery. The intro has a delightful Naughty by Nature circa 1995 feel to it. It mentions the ghetto. Track five on The Mystery is pretty decent too.

As for the rest of the two CDs, it goes something like this. Bounty Killer's coarse voice reminds me of a dog. The depth of his lyrics is completely lost in his barking--a shame since he rallies against poverty and the enslavement of "his people." The music is so simple an infant could put down an equally complex beat with a pair of cymbals. There are guest vocalists who do nothing to help "the Killah" pull this off and every song sounds the same. This would be great music to fall asleep to if it wasn't for the barking.

The following people might want to buy this disc. Oppressed junior high suburbanites, people who want to be "down," dog lovers, those who put ground effects on Honda Civics, the male population of Moose Jaw, the governments of India and Pakistan, George W. Bush (to set up a hilarious failed attempt at winning over Colin Powell as a friend), and finally, Bounty Killer himself.





First off bounty killer is the voice of Jamaica. He is completly tuned in to the people's needs and the dancehall rhythms that he lays down from track to track may appear similar to untrained and uneducated individuals.I strongly suggest you should go to Jamaica and hear what the local people play.As far you talking about him sounding like a dog it is apparent to me you haven't spent time in Jamaica because most dancehall musicians and singers have similar sounds and rhythms.Its not that the music is complicated but it reflects the spirit of all Jamaicans.Next time you write such tripe I strongly suggest you investigate what you're writing about.