CJSW Profile: Roger That

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Roger Dueck takes to the radio every Monday afternoon to broadcast his well-edited sets of indie-everything. His show features artists from around the world, from local noise stars Women to New York's LCD Soundsystem. If you like indie, you'll like Roger That.

G: Why indie in particular?

R: It's just the music that I really love and I'm just drawn to it.

G: How do you source music for the show?

R: It's everywhere. I check out as many music blogs and Internet sites as possible. I always talk to people around the station to, everyone is always really helpful. CJSW also has a playlist that we can draw from, so that's definitely helpful. My show is normally all planned out and I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to play, but sometimes you come to the station and find a new record and you've gotta play it.

G: Do you get a lot of requests?

R: Absolutely. Sometimes people drop a line on my music page and I'll try and play that the next week. If they phone in I love to take those calls on air too.

G: Do you get many phone requests?

R: Not too many, but I'll always try and take them.

G: Any ridiculous requests?

R: Yah, someone from Visa or Mastercard called the booth asking if I wanted to increase the limit on my card. It was super weird. I probably should have just said no and hung up, but instead I gave them [Station Manager] Chad Saunders' phone number [laughs].