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Well, that was ugly.

After being eliminated from playoff contention in the first of three games of a season-ending West Coast road trip, the Dinos men's soccer team was embarrassed in a pair of lopsided losses to close out the calendar.

After dropping a 3-1 decision to the University of Victoria Vikes Thu., Oct. 23 snuffed out any chance of a trip to the Canada West playoffs in Saskatchewan, the rookie-laden Dinos squad seemed to give up.

"Mentally we weren't in it," explained Dinos striker John Remmer. "After our loss to Victoria we were eliminated from the playoffs and on the weekend it looked like we didn't care. We did, we just didn't have our hearts in it."

Friday was a travel day for the Dinos, as they headed to the mainland for a pair of matches against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds and the Trinity Western University Spartans. Despite the extra time to collect themselves, the weekend, indeed the 2003 season, ended in embarrassing fashion.

A 4-0 trouncing at the hands of the Spartans Saturday did nothing but set the stage for the 8-2 massacre awaiting the soccersaurs the following day at UBC.

"UBC was really fired up because they needed to win that game to qualify [for playoffs]," stated Remmer, in regards to the lopsided result.

The 15-3 scoreline over the weekend puts a definite damper on what had been a promising season for an incredibly young Dinos roster. Entering the season carrying nine rookies, no one expected the Dinos to compete. However, this past weekend aside, they showed flashes of brilliance week-in and week-out. Were it not for mental errors expected of younger, inexperienced clubs, the Dinos would have been seriously challenging for the post season.

"We knew at the start of the season that this would be a rebuilding year," a solemn Remmer reflected. "Hopefully we can take the experience into the off season and come back next year, making playoffs and hopefully heading to nationals."

Goal notes:

A disconnect between Head Coach Andy Gibbs and some of his players is an annual tradition with the Dinos men's side, however this season ended on a significant low note. No one likes losing, Gibbs included, and the bad blood and frustration boiled over on the season-ending road trip. Gibbs, who has only been able to muster four winning seasons in his 18-year tenure, may have to repair some rifts if he wants this rebuilding process to come to fruition.

"There's some resentment among second- and third-year players towards him because of how he acted in the last two games and some of the decisions he made," explained Remmer, who was stripped of his captaincy on the coast. "As an older player, it's my role to sort things out, so I am going to meet with him later this week because there's talk of players not coming back for next year.

"Hopefully we can keep this team together."





As a former captain of the U of C Men's soccer team (2 years '93-94), I'm embarrassed and find it disgraceful that the team (let alone the team captain) would choose to air the team's dirty laundry in the school paper. Any grievance they have with the coaching staff should be handled behind closed doors. Perhaps the leaders of the squad should focus the team on playing with some pride and determination instead or trying to find a "Goat" for their disappointing season.

The performance of the team for the better part of the season was excellent given how many rookies were starting. The last weekend was frustrating and will have to be used by all involved as a learning experience. The thing I find most disturbing about this article is that the gauntlet placed a picture of the women's team with a quote about brighter days along side the article when they are talking about the men's team. Is that John Remmer challenging for the ball....has it been so long since I played that it is coed now?? Nice.

As a past member of Dinos soccer from the old days (80's) I have to agree with Brad on airing your dirty laundry. However, you left some things out Brad. Let me add....Only crappy players bitch to the papers about the coach. Face it pal, your crap and so is your team. It has consistently gotten worse over the past 10 years. I find that young players today expect everything handed to them. Forget it! just because Owen Hargreaves comes from Calgary doesn't mean all Calgary players are talented. I haven't seen one other than McKenna and Hargreaves. U of C hasn't produced any since the days of Ballendine, Daniels, and Mike Winny. How else do you explain the all time varsity goal scoring is still held by me. That's 15 years!! come guys somebody should be able to break it.
And don't give me that "the league is tougher now" line. When I played all the MISL, CSL and A league players were playing University ball. We didn't have the opportunites you have today. Bottom line. Take a look at your own abilities before you blame someone else. Oh, and have a nice day!
On your bike!!!

Mike Scullion

Hey Scullion, I'd check your records again. You no longer hold the scoring record so before you express your views About a situation you know nothing about find the facts, and shut the hell up. I've never heard of you and I'm pretty sure noone cares what you think, so get over yourself and mind your own besiness.