Dinos Report Card: field hockey

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Talent: Fielding another crop of rookie-heavy girls, the field hockeysaurs had the short end of the stick when it came to experienced players. There were some shining stars on the roster, like fourth-year player Kaelyn Barrie and stand-out rookie Jenn Hosfield who were both out from injuries for several games.

Effort: Though the team didn't finish well in terms of standings, it surely wasn't for lack of trying.

Coaching: New coach Jenn Swagar turned heads and garnered well-deserved attention doing what few thought anyone could do: get the girls out of their three-year losing streak. Swagar was awarded 2007 Canada West coach of the year for her efforts in getting the team to score goals and stuff.

Achievement: The field hockeysaurs finished fourth and last in CW standings, but managed a win on their last game of the season. Their goal to start making goals was realized and they are, hopefully, on the way to better seasons.

Grade: Styracosaurus

Fun facts: This dinosaur is mostly defensive and had powerful shoulders which could have been useful in intraspecies combat.