Dinos Report Card: men's track

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Talent: The Dinos track and field team has seen a few talented performers go all out this year. The mercurial Sam Effah led the way, with his four gold medals at the CIS championships adding physical substance to the titles of male track athlete of the year and CIS MVP, which he also won. Trent Ratzlaff placed strong this season, along with the 4 x 200 and 4 x 400 metre relay team members who dominated all year.

Effort: The Dinos put in mighty performances, finishing better than anticipated at CIS. The relay teams proved especially valiant in this area, winning gold through great teamwork and incredible focus.

Coaching: Since taking over two years ago, head coach Doug Lamont has led the Dinos to strong performances at two CIS meets. This year, the men came within three points of bringing home the national title. His biggest challenge for the future will be dealing with the loss of co-captain Geoff Kerr and improving the Dinos in field events, where their performance seriously lags.

Achievement: With many strong individual performances and indomitable relay teams, the Dinos did well this year. Their weakest area was in field events, where they received no medals. Despite this, the Dinos pulled off a great season and look strong for next year.

Grade: Struthiomimus

This dinosaur lived in Alberta and apparently, could run at speeds around 80 km/h.