Dinos Report Card: men's volleyball

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Talent: Outside hitter Omar Langford was perhaps the most notable offensive talent on the Dinos court this season, registering a whopping 248 kills in the regular season. Oleg Podporin and Scott Price had strong enough service games, but this is an area the Dinos will have to improve on overall to enjoy continued success. Defensively, the Dinos still have some work to do, but with up-and-comers like A.J. Halverson and Ciaran McGovern still fresh to university sport, as well as veterans like Andrew Tallas, there's a lot of promise that inconsistencies in this area will be siphoned out during next year's season.

Effort: The road to the playoffs was precarious, but the Dinos managed to eke their way into contention for the first time since 2003. Unfortunately, as presaged by regular season play, confidence seemed to get the better of the team in the post-season as they struggled to close sets and ultimately win key matches.

Coaching: It would be hard to dispute Rod Durrant's skill as a university-level coach after considering that in two seasons, he took the Dinos out of the blue and into the black of the playoffs and he fought for them on and off the court. His success with the Dinos will likely continue to blossom next year.

Achievement: The Dinos' greatest achievement this year was beating Thompson Rivers University WolfPack in the final week of regular season play to make their way into the playoffs for the first time in five years. That they lost in first round of play is ultimately less important than the fact that they were there to begin with.

Grade: Einiosaurus

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