Dinos Report Card: women's basketball

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Talent: The lady Dinosaurs team led the country in scoring this season, averaging 83.2 points per game. Offensively, the team destroyed their competition with three shooters-Ashley Hill, Whitney Haswell and Courtney Coyle-making the top 10 in scoring. That said, both Hill and Coyle were hot and cold players, great when they were on their game, but, at best, inconsistent. Two others, Michelle Willson and Jane Meadwell also made it in the top-25. However, the girls' defence left something to be desired, a trait often cited as their weakness and Achille's heel.

Effort: Despite having made it through most of the season with only nine players-two of which were rookies-the team was a dominant force in Canada West.

Coaching: Coach Shawnee Harle was the assistant coach at the '96 Olympics, has coached at world championships and served as an international scout for Canada. Her 14th season with the Dinos wasn't memorable, but with the short bench she was dealt, her team had a real shot at nationals.

Achievement: Regardless of the team's amazing scoring record, it was the second year in a row that the Dinos lost, on home court, in a sweep to a lower-seated team. As the national record for scoring attests, the Dinos offensive game was ballin', but if they want to make it to nationals next year, perhaps they should work on their defence.

Grade: Brachylophosaurus

A full skeleton of this dinosaur was discovered in 2000 in the Oldman Formation, Alberta. Wow!