Dinos Report Card: women's volleyball

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Talent: The team boasted a strong roster this year with captain Julie Young leading the pack after returning from injury early in the season. Lauren Perry and Holly Harper also contributed to the team's strong showing, going into the double-digits for kills. With a mostly-unchanged roster for next season, the team can continue to build on their already-developed skills.

Effort: The team was toted as variable comeback kids during the playoffs, striking back against UBC before taking their defeat at the hands of the

U of A Pandas. They took their laurels with grace, but failed to make a dent deeper than their past successes. The team worked hard, but not necessarily as hard as they could have.

Coaching: Kevin Boyles took on double the duties as women's volleyball coach and interim athletic director for the Dinos for the majority of the winter season. Despite having to split his time between the two positions, Boyles maintained a strong hold on the team, steering them in a similar path as previous years and proving that his perspective and coaching style are effective in producing results. With Boyles continuing the interim director role next year, finding an equally-qualified coach to step in for that time will be a tall order for the Dinos.

Achievement: The team managed to medal again this year, taking their fourth consecutive bronze. Considered to be one of the most consistently successful teams the Dinos have to offer, getting to the podium should hopefully be a given for years to come.

Grade: Spinosaurus

These large-spined dinosaurs were said to be even taller than a tyrannosaurus rex.