Dr. Horrible wants you to sing along

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This Saturday, Joss Whedon fans will be able to dust off their pipes as the Plaza Theatre hosts a midnight screening of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Buffy The Musical. The double feature is presented by Calgary's Hole In The Wall Studios, which also screens such cult favourites as the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Producer Phillip Liesemer says that even if audience members don't know the words to the musicals, they can still sing along with the lyrics on screen. But those who come are also encouraged to do much more than sing.

"People will be shadow-casting," says Liesemer. "It's not a cast as in auditions or anything, just anyone in the audience that wants to go up on stage and lip sync along and perform on the stage."

The event has proved quite popular and is now in its fourth showing. Participation is similar to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, where audience members become part of the performance, wearing costumes and calling out lines during the show. Liesemer attributes the success of the events to the freedom those attending have when surrounded by other fans.

"It allows them to explore aspect of their personalities that they might not experience in everyday life," says Liesemer. "People who might feel uncomfortable at school or at work expressing their individuality, it gives them a place where they're able to go without anyone making fun of them."

With reruns of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer series now playing on Much Music, Liesemer hopes the event will bring out younger fans watching it for the first time, but he also expects that the usual crowd will return for the show.

"The Joss Whedon fans don't seem to think just because they've seen it once they don't have to go back, so it's a lot of repeat business."