F+ still not a real grade

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: "F+ not a real grade," letter, January 12, 2006]

Yes, the team had talented members who have done some great things in the sport. No, the team didn't win any games. At all. Last I checked, a team was evaluated on their track record, not their achievements with other teams, in other places, with other people. I do agree it was a cutting remark to dish out a grade of "F+," but take it with a grain of salt.

I think if anything Mr. Nyilassy deserves some praise for bringing humour to the sports section. Mr. Nyilassy is not writing articles about efforts put forward by the team in fundraising because nobody cares. There are four billion teams and groups trying to shove hands into the pockets of U of C students, so reporting on that would be trivial. As ridiculous as this sounds, as a sports reporter, Sean reports... Sports. His creative style is the only reason I open the sports section--he breaks the monotonous form most sports reports come in and creates something even a marginal sports fan finds entertaining, whether positive or negative.

So while the Gauntlet may never apologize for the harsh yet completely truthful article, I will personally offer an apology. Dino girls, I'm sorry you had a horrible season and that Nyilassy wrote an article about it. I'd give you an A++ for effort, but that's not a real grade either.

Joel Klettke