I wonder if she knows she's supposed to catch the ball, not a Dino?
Laura Sydenham/the Gauntlet

Fastball season bites the dust

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As quickly as a pair of smiling blondes can make you want to go to the dentist, the University of Calgary women's fastball team's season came to a halt. They were 14-3 heading into playoffs Oct. 8-9, but were 0-1 when it finally mattered.

Their first game on Saturday set an ugly precedent to overcome. Whether the U of C ladies were hung over or still drunk from the night before shall remain a mystery, but they came out with the fight of an earthworm under a magnifying glass. NAIT managed to bat eight ladies home in the first inning alone.

As if pulled over by a cop, the hangover wore off and the U of C sprung into action. Unfortunately, it was still that sloppy morning action and, while they added three runs to NAIT's one, the score still blasted 9-3.

This simply wasn't good enough for the U of C ladies--who were accustomed to being on the opposite end of a beating like that. The University of Lethbridge stepped up to the plate and back down without too much of a fuss.

A 9-1 win put our ladies back in their zone--where they would need to stay to beat a tough University of Alberta Gold team.

The teams had only met once during the regular season--a game that the Gold stole. But as the sun set, the Dinos stayed three to four points ahead, securing the win.

Unfortunately, the morning's loss put the Dinos in a three-way with NAIT and the Gold. Based on their run tally, NAIT was granted the benefit of the doubt and the U of C was pitted, once again, against the Gold in a tie-breaker Sunday morning.

The morning blues again bit our ladies. The aptly named Gold reversed roles with the U of C from the night before, remaining four points ahead to the bitter end. The final tally was 10-7.

The teams played offensive games during both of their meetings. But to our ladies' dismay, the Gold managed to hold on when their heads were on the chopping block.

While the loss came as a great disappointment to our ladies, they had a solid year and are proud of it.