Academic Probation

Four beer per lecture!

It’s time to play the counting game

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The game goes as follows: Think about what you could buy for 17 cents a minute, or save up to buy.  Why 17 cents a minute you ask? Each class you take costs $412 (without books, su fees, gst etc.) and each class has roughly 2,400 minutes of lecture time a semester. Ergo, you are paying 17 a cents minute to plop your hung-over, blurry eyed, flu infested, malnourished sorry ass down in the most uncomfortable seats known to mankind. If that isn't an incentive to pay attention, I don't know what is. 

Here are some of my favorites:





Why was the scandal with the house-boat trip abandoned so readily?

I would like to see the Gauntlet pursue the issue a lot farther.

Using my hard-earned money for a vacation, and then having the audacity to say they are trying to save my money through tuition earns the SU a hearty FUCK YOU from this student.