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Friends fail to understand joke

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Third-year biological science student Jeffery Marsh was disappointed when his close circle of friends failed to understand a reference earlier this week.

Marsh felt that his joke, featuring an obscure character from the 1990s ABC sitcom Step By Step, was a surefire bet based on several factors including age demographic and socioeconomic upbringing.

"Who didn't watch that show on Friday nights when they were little?" Marsh asked, looking around the placid faces of his childhood friends, who up until then he thought had had everything in common with one another.

"I guess only me."

Third-year business student Nicole Jenkins admits she might have smirked when she heard the joke but only to appease her long-time acquaintance.

"Sure, I've seen the show before," Jenkins said after having the characters and situation recounted to her by Marsh. "But I don't remember any of their names or the chocolate milk thing."

Marsh doesn't plan on letting the setback affect him and is already preparing a new joke highlighting the Robin Williams animated feature film FernGully: The Last Rainforest.